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Welcome to our website and see what we can be able to offer to you and your institution. We provide to all needs ICT in Kenya. From Computers, Laptops, Printers and all office consumables.


Web Design and Hosting

For Clean & Responsive Websites

We make responsive website meaning that the websites we make are optimised to be viewed in the clearest of resolution on all internet connecting devices such as a phone a tablet or a computer. Our websites resize to fit perfectly and adapt to the screen of the gadget.


Computers and Printers

Clean, fast and Dependable

We supply computers and printers to individuals and institutions such as schools and companies both in small qauntities and in bulk. We offer unbeatable and affordable prices for our quality products.


Graphic Design and Printing

Customise and Brand your Institution

Here at Comtech Concepts, we offer general and specialised Graphic Design and Printing. We also do branding of promotional items used for marketing such as diaries, mugs, USB sticks, letterheads and business cards.


Our Products and Services

We are your one stop shop for ICT and related services and products. The products we offer include: Computers and Computer accessories, Printers, CISS sytems, printing papers, Letter heads and assorted office stationery. We also offer services such as Web Design, general and specialised printing, Local Area Network (LAN) set up, Graphic design (logos etc) Fees and Admission process automation, Mass SMS communication, genuine software installation, installation of educational softwares, Computer lab set up as well as Repair and maintenance of computers printers and LAN.

service 1

Computers & Laptops

We supply reliable and high quality Laptop and Desktop Computers and Printers. All at affordable prices and free delivery.

service 2

Website Design

We create Responsive, Creative and Eye-catching websites for your entities. Standout as we take you online.

service 3

Graphic Design

We undertake Branding of institutions, design of Logos, Brochures, Promotional items and Letterheads.

Have You Seen our Works?

Here are some of the projects that we have worked on so far. Our clients were fully satisfied and we walk with them through this journey. Hover over each project and click on the "+" sign to see more about that project.

City Radiators Ltd Website

Website for City Radiators Ltd

ClientCity Radiators Ltd
DateJune 2010
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Drupal

Our Products City Radiators main business is dealing with manufacture and repair of radiators of virtually all models and types be they automobile, excavators, generators or even manufacturing and processing plants such as Magadi Soda and KTDA. We are committed to producing radiators of the highest quality and standards which have been synonymous with the name: City Radiators so far...

project 2

Supply of Computer Accessories

ClientNorth Riara Ridge School
DateFeb 2015
ItemsComputers, Mouse and Keyboards

Positive interaction with the surrounding environment brings about a fully well adjusted and all-round person, catering for their needs and helping them to establish their identity and self-esteem.

project 3

Brookhill School Limuru

ClientBrookhill School
DateFrom January 2011
ServicesGeneral Printing, Antivirus and Softwares

Welcome to Brookhill School. Christian Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School. We place great emphasis on wholesome, high quality and positive education with a lifelong value for our students. We equip every child with skills, attitudes and qualities that will lead him to great success in life while moulding the character of every child through discipline, wise counsel and mentoring.

project 4

Project for Brookhill School Website

ClientBrookhill School
DateJune 2011 and kept updated
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Graphic Design

Welcome to Brookhill School. Christian Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School. We place great emphasis on wholesome, high quality and positive education with a lifelong value for our students. We achieve this through extra curricular activities we have as well as the broad based academic curriculum, and the pastoral care all of which, we consider to be an integral part of education.

project 5

Supply of computers and printers

ClientDandora Junior School
DateSeptember 2014
SkillsFull set Desktops and Printers
LinkWebsite coming soon courtesy of Comtech Concepts

We supplied computers and printers to this primary school in Dandora. We as well offered them support and free set up and we connceted them with a trainer who teaches the school ICT.

project 6

Grapic Design and Printing

ClientDecent Products Ltd
DateNovember 2014 - Feb 2015
SkillsGraphic design and Printing

We were involved in a project to design and mass produce brochures and menstrual wheels ( teaching aid about the menstrual period to the young girls in public primary schools). Our concept from scratch was very presentable and was pleasing to our client. We are proud of deklivering quality for our clients .

project 7

Website for Decent Products Ltd

ClientDecent Products Ltd
DateSeptember 2010 with regular updates
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Drupal

The Best Products and Services, For your CSR Activities We have various products and services to offer for corporates social responsibility activities across the different sectors. Our main CSR activity products and services are on sexual maturation among school girls and boys. Studies have shown that remains to be a serious issue in our public schools and rural areas in Kenya. Many girls lose considerable number of school days every month during their menstrual periods.

project 8

Supply and Maintenance of Laptops

ClientOasis of Life and Healing Ministry
DateFeb 2015
BrandsHP and Toshiba Laptops
LinkWebsite coming soon courtesy of Comtech Concepts

We supplied and continue to do maitenance and routine srvicing for the Toshiba and HP laptops supplied. The laptops are of high quality with 12 months warranty.

project 9

Local Area Network Set up and Modification

ClientCity Radiators Ltd
DateJuly 2014
SkillsLAN Configuration

We reconfigured and added more computers to the local area network at City Radiators and ensured that it worked seamlessly. Our services are quick, quality and affordable

  • project 1

    City Radiators

    The Radiator Experts

  • project 2

    North Riara Ridge School

    Supply of Computers Accessories

  • project 3

    Brookhill School, Limuru

    To The Glory of God.

  • project 4

    Brookhill School, Limuru

    Website Design And Hosting

  • project 5

    Dandora Junior School

    Supply of Computers and Printers

  • project 6

    Decent Products Ltd

    Graphic Design and Printing

  • project 7

    Decent Products Ltd

    Website Design and Hosting

  • project 8

    Oasis of Life Church

    Laptop Supply and Maintenance

  • project 9

    City Radiators Ltd

    Local Area Network Setup

Meet the Team that Makes it Happen at Comtech Concepts

We are a growing team of experienced and experts in ICT and related fields. We are dedicated to quality products and service delivery to all our clients. We serve individuals, SMEPs, Companies and various other institutions. We have special packages for schools and other learning institutions as well as for upcoming businesses.

team 1

John Ndung'u

Web and Graphic Designer

John believes that whatever the mind conceives, that, can be achieved.

"I am on top of this game and i believe that no project is impossible to undertake successfully."


In his own words "I am Tried and Tested".


Once I take on a project, I rest when i have achieved the best outcome possible. I work with a great team that makes anything possible

team 1

Purity Ngigi

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Perfection is the finish line that we aim for in all the projects that we undertake.

I believe in giving my all to the projects that we are involved in.

I capture your institution or organisation with my lens so as to project a picture that would make a probable customer want to know about your products and services.

Try us today and we are sure to deliver beyond expectations.

team 1

Joseph Ngoiyo

Javascript, Php and Html

I see the finer details in the projects we undertake and it is my work to transform the code into a visual immage that will be attractive and in place .

Perfection is the finish line that we aim for in all the projects that we undertake.

Tried and tested by the seemingly impossible projects that we have undertaken in the past, yet unperturbed but looking forward to get into the next one.

About Us

Comtech Concepts is a registered ICT and related products and services company dedicated to providing solutions to our clients. We are a team of experienced young and old, with a heart in Information, Communication and Technology and so as we work, we do it whole heartedly and with all the dedication. We are located in Industrial Area and we offer our products and services across Kenya. We have a wide portfolio of satisfied clients ranging from individuals, corporates, schools and churches.


  • Graphic Design

  • Html & Css

  • Joomla

  • Wordpress

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to deliver nothing but the best for the clients that have entrusted us with the strategies of pushing their brand forward. We shall fulfill all our pledges and in good time and offer our expertise and advice where necessarily. To us, "CUSTOMER IS KING" and we shall endeavour to providde the best. Already the clients we have have certified our work to be top notch...

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

What Clients Say?

We value the feedback we get from our clients. Positive feedback makes us proud and we get the psyche to do more. Negative feedbcak will help us know where we need to put in more effort. We have more positive feedback and we are happy that our clients are satisfied. Sample some here.

"The website that was deigned for our company has helped us achieve a wider area of clientelle. The SEO done on our website was top notch and we have found new customers off our website. We are now more visible than ever before in the East African region"

client 1 Mr. Daniel Manager, City Radiators

"The design work for our brochures and menstrual wheel was spectacular to say the least and we have managed to get even more clients because of Comtech Concepts outstanding job. We look forward to doing more eith Comteceh Concepts, your level of expertise is just awesome. Congrats."

client 2 Ms Geraldine Sales Manager, Decent Products Ltd

"Our school website is pretty eye catching and very informative to both prospective students and parents. We have had enquiries made from as far abroad as the Americas and we have also established connection with a school in the US due to this website. Good Work."

client 3 Mr. Mwangi Headteacher, Brookhill School

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Our Clients

Website Design and Hosting Pricing

We offer different packages for wed design and hosting for the different clients. We can always find an acceptable level for you.


  • Sh. 17,000
  • Free Setup
  • Free .com Domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • 15 GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Email Addresses


  • Sh. 18,000
  • Free Setup
  • Free .com or .org Domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • 15 GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Email Addresses


  • Sh. 20,000
  • Free Setup
  • Free .co.ke Domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • 15 GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Email Addresses

We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us using the details below for more information. We can aarange to visit your organisation so that we can source for the best solution that your organisation needs

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