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School websites, corporate websites, calendars and brochure design and printing in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Afforadble, Appealing, Functionally Responsive & Dynamic Websites for Schools, Companies and Organizations
  • Calendar Printing
  • Best brochure designs for your school or Company
  • Best brochure
    designs for your
    school or Company
  • Organisation Calendars

Comtech Concepts: We do Websites, Design and Printing (Calendars, Brochures & Company Profiles), Supply Computers.

Websites are a must have for most business entities in today's world. Whether you are a school, a church, a smal business, an NGO or even some professionals. 

At Comtech Concepts, you will find all these products and services at affordable prices and on time delivery. 

Why Every Business Needs a Website
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Welcome to Comtech Concepts and we look forward to working with your organisation to supplying and offering any of our products and services soon. We are the best in the industry. Try us today.



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We can come to your organisation premises to discus on a website project, computer supply, calendar or brochure design or a general consulting. Please book for the same here and we will be glad to come through for you.

School Websites

Your School does not have a website yet? Call us Today. We'll fix that for you.

Your School does not have a website yet? Call us Today. We'll fix that for you.

Cleaning your dirty and dusty desktop computer
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Special Promotional Prices

We are offering,for a limied time only, discounted prices for three of our most popular products and services. The promotional prices are on a first come first served basis. Hurry while the offer lasts.

Eureka !!!

Does My business need a website?

You will be surprised to find out that business that have websites are 5 times much more likely to drive new customers to the business as contrasted to physical sales people. A website is your virtual super sales executive. 

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The world of information technology evolves every day. Our blogs are designed to keep our clients abreast of developing technologies and what is happening around the areas of schools, corporates and design.